Recently, McDonald’s Philippines launched an ad that featured two children.

This incurred a reaction from the Catholics Bishop Conference of the Philippines as reported by the other day asking for its removal from the air.

I agree with the bishops that these children are too young to be exposed to this kind of relationships.

Instead, they should be taught values such as pagiging Maka-Diyos, Maka-kapwa-tao, at Maka-bayan.

In the comments section of the news, those who posted are either naïve or just as perverted as the ones who created the ad.

It’s just an ad, the naïve say. I disagree. It’s more than just an ad. Ads are created to persuade — either consciously or subconsciously. That’s why millions of pesos are involved in creating such ads.

There’s nothing wrong with puppy love, the pervert would say. I disagree. Where in the world did they get the term puppy love? When Paul Anka sang that song, puppy love was about 17-year-olds! The ones shown in the ad are not even 7! Great childhood memories do not have to involve such ‘relationships.’

Let these children play. Let these children learn about the world they live in. Let them learn the primary necessary skills to be a productive citizen of this country. Relationships such as BF-GF (and eventually marriage) needs maturity. There is a time for that. Ages 7-17 is not just it.

UPDATE: McDonald’s pulled out the ad in response to the CBCP’s plea. Yahoo News reports.