In a recent post from PinoyTechBlog, sentiments from various cybercitizens has poured out on the comments section criticizing Globe’s move to Control Internet Usage via capping the bandwidth.

On one of the comments, PinoyTechNews mentioned that

Globe should clamp down on the 5% abusive users instead of “penalizing” the 95% of its subscribers.

I agree that this is what should be done.

However, the problem is identifying those 5%. And where did Globe get those numbers? I think they are just throwing us “ceiling figures”… that is, they look at ceiling and ‘guess’ the figures. LOL.

Another problem is their definition of ‘abusive users.’ How can they delineate categories between someone downloading a 6-CD Linux Distro from someone downloading a pirated HD movie? Both would exceed the 1GB limit.

So if going above the 1GB limit is the only criterion for an ‘abusive user’, both the legal and illegal downloaders fall in the same category.

Now, I use Linux. I download distros all the time. I hate to be labeled ‘abusive user’ when I pay fairly for the service rendered. And labeling loyal clients (who pay for their service) does not help Globe’s image at all.